How to build an outdoor insulated cat house. How much it will cost?

Insulated cat house cost. How to build an outdoor insulated cat house?

With cold weather on its way, all of you cat owners out there might be starting to worry about keeping your outdoor cat warm and protected during the long cold night. An insulated cat house will help to curb the cold on your furry friend and will also act as a safe haven to any neighborhood cats that have been neglected by their owners during the cold of winter. Insulated cat houses are fairly simple to make and are moderately cost effective, setting you back only about $40.

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Insulated cat house cost. How to build an outdoor insulated cat house?

This do it yourself (DIY) technique is simple and cost effective and will ensure the animals warmth all night long. When building an insulated cat house, there are some important elements to consider. These elements include:

  • Insulation material- Straw is the strongest insulator and the least likely to rot or remain damp if wet. Straw draws moisture away from the cat’s body. Whereas, a material such as towels or hay will remain damp and hold moisture.
  • Size; the smaller the cat house, the easier it will be to insulate. Two cats in a very large cat house space will remain cold. It is better to build two smaller cat houses then one big one if this is the case. Cat’s nestled together in a small space act as little heaters and will use their body warmth effectively.
  • Make sure the cat house is placed in a safe environment, away from predators or other natural or unnatural potential harmers.
  • Position the cat door high enough off the ground so that rain doesn’t splash in and so that the cats are in no danger of getting snowed in.
  • Secure the house against the wind by placing heavy flat rocks on the lid of the container.
  • Position the cat house in a way where water will not pool after heavy rain or snow. Raising the rear end of the cat house slightly will help water to drain out immediately.

Tools and materials required

Insulated cat house cost. How to build an outdoor insulated cat house?

If cost is something on the forefront of your mind and you are really hoping not to spend too much, then fear no more. This specific DIY shelter should only cost you roughly $45 and is a guaranteed way to keep your feline safe, dry and cozy.

  • A 30 gallon plastic storage container with lid ($10 at Target or Kmart)
  • An 18 gallon plastic storage container with lid ($6 at Target or Kmart)
  • Styrofoam insulation – approximately 4 sheets needed ($5 per sheet from Kmart)
  • Straw
  • Duct Tape ($4.50 from Kmart)
  • Heavy duty carpet scissors or a box cutter ($5 from Seton)

How to build the insulated cat house?

Insulated cat house cost. How to build an outdoor insulated cat house?

  1. Firstly, you will need to cut the doorway hole into the narrower side of the storage container. The hole should not be too big so that other bigger and more confident animals can try and take over the cat house. Cats are able to fit into a fairly snug hole, so try not to overdo it. The small hole will also ensure that no harmful natural elements can get to the cat while it is inside, such as strong gusts of wind.
  2. Tape the edges of the doorway hole with duct tape. The duct tape will make sure that the cat is not harmed on the way in and out of the cat house, as cut edges of plastic can be sharp.
  3. Next, place a piece of Styrofoam insulation on the bottom of the first box, cutting the piece of insulation with the box cutter to fit the container. Continue this method for the other four walls; making sure all walls are covered for optimum insulation. It is important not to make the insulation for the walls too high or the lid will not fit on. Cut out a matching door hole in the Styrofoam.
  4. Place the second smaller plastic container into the Styrofoam lined larger container. It should fit in comfortably without much room for movement. Stuff the bottom of the small container with straw, which will not only serve as another form of insulation, but will also be a comfortable place for the cat to rest. Put the lid onto the smaller container and secure it.
  5. Place a piece of insulation on top of the small containers lid and then secure the larger containers lid.
  6. Place the finished cat house in an appropriate location, away from danger and not directly onto the cold ground. Secure it against the wind by placing a flat stone or brick on top of the roof.

Not only is this the perfect insulated cat house, it is also easy to make and incredibly affordable. The cat house will help to ease your mind of your wandering cats whereabouts or whether your neighbor’s cat is staying warm and secure during any severe weather. This style of insulated cat house is also super easy to clean and also super easy to move around from location to location.

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  1. Susan N Gutierrez says:

    Hello. Thank you for showing us how to make a cat shelter.
    How small should the hole be? What circumference would you say it should be? I made a small hole but I can’t tell if it’s too small. Thank you!

    • Spongebob Squarepants says:

      I would say the cat hope should be a little bit bigger than your cat so that he/she is able to get in and out (=^ェ^=) 🐱

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