Best cat breeds for families and How much these breeds cost?

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

If you are looking for a new pet to add to your family, cats are a very good choice. Not only are they adorable and entertaining, but they are also more independent then dogs and can settle very easily into the family home and around the family’s schedule. They are renowned for their cleanliness, they love to be inside and they do not have to be walked; making them the perfect pet for a busy family.

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

It is always essential to meet the cat before purchasing it and to not base your sale on physical cuteness alone. There are also other personal factors that you need to consider before jumping into a pet purchase. Think about your family unit; are you a small and quiet family? Then a timid breed is best for you. Are you a big, loud and energetic family? Then a confident and high-energy cat would work best in your family.

Are you home a lot or does your work or lifestyle keep you too busy to be at home much? Then it is worth considering getting two cats, to keep each other company during the long, lonely day. Do you want to rescue a cat? Spend a good deal of time with the cat beforehand, to make sure that the cat’s previous encounters have not been too traumatic for your family. It is also worth considering grooming and whether or not you have the time or money to stay on top of the necessary grooming of longhaired cats.

That being said, here are the top five best cat breeds for families with a guideline for how much each breed will cost.

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Best cat breeds for families and their cost

1. Burmese

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

The Burmese cat breed is said by many professionals to be the best feline breed for families. Burmese cats really appreciate a feline friend to accompany them on an every day basis, so it would be wise to consider getting two of this breed. This is because they are highly intelligent and they can get bored very easily. They are very loyal and are highly affectionate, gentle-natured, patient and they love to be around humans, making them a great addition to any family.

The cost of a Burmese kitten starts from $300.

2. American Curl

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

American Curl cats are said to be a loving and devoted breed. They are a perfect and easy addition to any family as they can slide in unperturbed by babies, small children or any other already established animals. They are mostly unfased by new situations and will more often then not follow you around the house, much like a dog. They have short, easy to manage fur and are easily identified by the soft curl of their ear.

The cost of an American Curl kitten starts from $1500.

3. British Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

The British Shorthair cat is an ancient breed of feline that would be particularly good for a small, quiet family. They are overall incredibly sweet natured, placid and low energy and will snuggle up next to you for hours. They do not like to be picked up, pushed or prodded, so maybe not the best breed for small, high-energy children. In saying that, they are a great all round cat and will more then satisfy what most families are looking for in a cat.

The cost of a British Shorthair Kitten starts from $1800.

4. Bombay

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

The characteristics of the Bombay breed are lively, playful and mischievous. They are commonly confident and outgoing, making them a perfect fit for larger, more robust family units. They are always experimenting with games, climbing and attention-seeking and give their owners a good laugh. They are very affectionate and will fit into a high-paced, busy family and will be able to keep up with the kids, constantly playing and entertaining.

The cost of a Bombay kitten starts from $500.

5. Exotic Shorthair

Best Cat Breeds for Families and How Much These Breeds Cost?

The Exotic Shorthair cat is great for any family in that it is a very low maintenance breed. Life in a family household can be extremely busy and chaotic, but the exotic short hair cat will remain calm and low-key, entertaining themselves for hours on end or simply just sleeping the whole day away while the family is out. They are also low-maintenance when it comes to their coat, needing only an occasional bush down. They are fine with being touched and handled but are also fine being left alone for long periods of time.

The cost of an Exotic Shorthair kitten starts from $1500.


Whether you are a low-energy, quiet family; or you are a chaotic, large, loud family; there is the perfect breed of cat out there for you. Taking time to discover which breed suits you and your family the most will not only save you pain and annoyance in the future, it will also ensure that the cat is going to the right home. They are temperament creatures and you will benefit greatly from finding the perfect match. Cats are the perfect pets for families big and small and they will end up being a very important part of your household.

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