How to build a cat tree house and how much it will cost

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?

Cat tree houses are a big and beautiful cat entertainment tool that will keep your kitty amused and interested for a substantial amount of time. Due to their size and sometimes their complexity, they can be very expensive to purchase. Making your own could lead to a considerable save in money and can also lead to a clean out of scraps around your house as you get creative with recycling materials. Incorporating a cat tree house into your feline’s life is a great idea to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of your pet. They use vertical climbing toys to feel safe, have fun and gain comfort and are a great tool to ensure your cat does not get bored while you are out of the house.

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?

When planning out your cat tree, it is important to keep your cat’s size in mind when sourcing tools. Make sure that levels and perches all compliment the size of your cat for optimum comfort levels. A big cat is going to need bigger resting levels and you could space out the climbing levels more so then if you had a smaller breed of cat. It is also important to consider your cats personality and whether they love to climb high and where you are going to place your cat tree; as these factors will determine how you build your cat tree and how big you can make it.

Before you head out to buy any materials for this project make sure you look around your house or around your local industrial estate to make sure there aren’t any discarded materials that you could use for your cat tree; reducing costs even more. Also, if you haven’t taken on many building projects before then keep your design simple and accomplishable.

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To make your cat tree house you will need the following materials:


  • A drill and screw
  • An electric stapler
  • Pocket hole jig
  • A carpet knife
  • Handsaw
  • Circular saw


  • Approximately two metres of natural carpet (Approximately $20 from a home depot store)
  • 2’x4’ x 1/2 “ Plywood
  • 2” Screws
  • 3/8” Sisal Rope ($5-$8)

Steps to make a DIY cat tree house

1. Make a design plan: It is important to make sure that your design plan works for your cat’s size and personality and for the layout of your house.

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?
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2. Define a personalised design plan for yourself and the cut all of the necessary pieces of plywood to size. Use a handsaw to cut all of the levels and a circular saw to cut the vertical supports to length.

3. Establish a base for your cat tree house. It is important to make sure that the base section should be the widest piece of plywood, to establish a sturdy base. To be even more effective in establishing a good base, you can glue two pieces of plywood together. For a standard cat tree house, approximately a 60cm square will work best and prevent any tipping.

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?
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4. Follow your plan to work out where you are placing your uprights and where you will fasten them to the base.

5. To attach the first and second floors, use pocket holes. Pocket holes will allow you to put a screw at a 15 degree angle from one established piece of wood to another. Ensure the pocket holes are located correctly according to your plan and make sure everything lines up before lining all wood levels and uprights with carpet.

6. Next wrap the uprights with carpet, cut accordingly with the carpet knife and secure it with the electric stapler. Do the same for remaining uprights.

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?
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7. Use the sisal rope to tightly wrap around the lower edges of one or all of the uprights. This will act as a scratching pole for your cats. Secure with stapler.

8. Upholster the levels with the carpet, fitting as tightly as possible and securing with the stapler. Make sure there are no flapping bits of carpet, as this is what your cats will attack first, unravelling all of your hard work.

9. Next assemble the cat house using the drill and screws as per your original plan.

Cat tree house cost. How to build a cat tree house? How much it will cost?
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How much a cat tree house will cost?

Considering that most of the tools used to create the cat tree house are tools usually located around the common household, the only materials needed to buy are the carpet, sisal rope, plywood, and screws. This being said, you are looking at a total cost of approximately less then $50. This, in contrast to a store bought cat tree house is outstanding, with savings of approximately $100.

Cat tree houses should be an essential part of your cat’s life and can guarantee hours of play and entertainment for your kitty, giving them the optimum level of happiness and comfort within your house. Not only will it keep them inside, it will also save the life of your couch, table and all other furniture items that your cat likes to get their claws into.

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