How to build an outdoor cat run and How much it will cost?

How to Build an Outdoor Cat Run and How Much It Will Cost?

Most cats are fearless and sassy creatures and are able to take care of themselves in the great outdoors- to a certain extent. Due to generations and generations of domestication, cats have not only lost a lot of their ability to fend for themselves but have also began to rely on humans for their protection and livelihood. This is why cat runs are perfect for keeping your feline friend safe and happy outdoors.

How to Build an Outdoor Cat Run and How Much It Will Cost?

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A cat run gives your cat an insight and chance to indulge in the outdoors while being completely safe. You can pack it to the brim with toys, scratching posts and whatever else is at the height of your cat’s desire. Outdoor cats are said to live only a quarter of the lifetime of indoor cats, therefore it is highly recommended to keep your cat inside and a cat run will help to fulfil the desire your cat has to head outdoors and will also help to keep you as the owner feeling less guilty for always keeping your cat inside. Not only does it keep your cat safe from other bigger, angrier animals or humans, it also protects the local wildlife that your cat puts in danger, such as local birds and frogs.

There are many complicated cat runs out there that will cost you a ridiculous amount of money, but if you are just looking to create a simple, cost effective and most importantly cat effective enclosure, this is the DIY project for you.

Important tips to remember

Before making your DIY cat run, there are a few important tips to remember. These include:

  • Making a cat run that is easily accessible by your cat. It is important to ensure that your cat is able to access the enclosure without any trouble. You will need to insert a cat door on an existing window or door that will be the access point for your cat and your cat should be able to easily locate this point.
  • The access point should be able to be shut off or locked during bad weather.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Escape proof and predator proof.

Materials used for a simple DIY cat run:

  • Six boxes of wire storage cubes, there are four per box and can be brought on Amazon for $30.
  • 200-300 zip ties. Zip ties usually come in a bag of about 50 and are usually priced at approximately $12.
  • Rubber mallet.

How to Build an Outdoor Cat Run and How Much It Will Cost?

Steps to create this simple DIY cat run:

  • The wire storage boxes are 14 inches square and are incredibly easy to assemble. This design will work most effectively on the ground, as you then do not need to build a floor in. The grass or concrete of your yard will be a perfect floor for your cat. If you are inclined to put a floor in, or build the cat run higher, build the whole of the cube, including the floor and use wood or ply inserted in the bottom of the cube. Do not leave the bottom as just wire, as this will be uncomfortable on your cat’s paws. If you are wanting to build the cat run off the ground, build two levels of wire storage cubes.
  • Once you start assembling the boxes, you will be able to gauge how many you need to make depending on how big or how high you want the enclosure. Attach the boxes securely together with the cable ties, snipping of the ends of the ties so that they are not a hazard to your cat.
  • Once you have constructed your enclosure and you have it in the spot that you want it, tap the panels and the connector tabs with your mallet to square up each section.
  • As it is so easy to construct, experiment with your design. Get creative and add heaps of weather proof toys and play things. You can also install a wooden or plastic roof and walls if you want your cat to be outside during harsh weather. But if you just want your kitty to bath in the sunshine every now and then, do not bother with roofing or walls; keep it as open and outdoorsy as possible.

This incredibly easily cat run is perfect for the cat owner that just wants to be able to give their cat a taste of sunshine and fresh air. Many outdoor cat enclosures or cat runs are complicated, very hard to construct and very expensive. This cat run can be made by absolutely anyone and will be effective for almost any cat. It can be made to be bigger or wider or smaller and cosier depending on your level of space and desires for your cat. It is also able to be made rain and wind proof if you want by simply adding either plastic or wood to the tops and sides. Overall this cat run should cost you only approximately $200 or less. You will not be disappointed with this simple and effective cat run.

One thought on “How to build an outdoor cat run and How much it will cost?

  1. Marshall says:

    I had my son build me a cat enclosure for my cat so that she would be safe and not get sick again from other cats that are outside cats in the area. During the summer she would even sleep outside at night too. I also made a little garden for her from a child swimming pool. She loves going out in the rain now too as she stays dry but it’s funny watching her trying to catch the rain as it comes down the side from the roof. She has also made a friend with a local female raccoon and they will feed side by side without incident and even play together. The birds are what keep her mentally active too as we too have many varieties in the area. I love the idea of the runs too that you have made for your cat. It makes me what to make some for her if I can just figure out how to do that on an upper deck.

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