How To Make a Cardboard Cat House?

Cats are playful animals, that love to crawl into and on top of anything they can. For some reason, cats are particularly attracted to cardboard boxes and they will always seek one out to lounge around in. Searching for a confined space is a unique characteristic of the common household cat. Instinctively, they love to pretend that they are hiding or stalking out prey and are likely to bound out of the box the minute a set of legs walks by, playfully attacking their owner.

How To Make a Cardboard Cat House?

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The reason that they do this would have strong instinctual links back to their tiger and lion ancestry and fortunately for cat owners, the practically free cardboard box is enough for the cat to be almost completely satisfied. Cats derive comfort and security from confined spaces, so by making your cat this easy and affordable cat house will help your cat to feel safe and stress free within your home.

This being said, why not make a cat favourite extra cute and playful by turning it into a house. Not only is this a great craft idea, it is also a great way to create a special personal space for your cat to hide and sleep in.

What you will need to build a cardboard cathouse?

  • Two cardboard box’s – one that will comfortably house your cat; not too big and not too small. The other box will be cut and used to create the roof of your cathouse
  • Hot glue gun
  • Painter’s tape
  • Metal ruler
  • Box cutter or utility knife
  • Paints or pens or anything you want to decorate the house with

How to build a cardboard cathouse?

How To Make a Cardboard Cat House?

  1. Reinforce the bottom of the box that will be the house with painters tape.
  2. Use the box cutter to remove the two longest cardboard flaps from the box that will be the house.
  3. The two smaller remaining flaps will need to be cut into triangles and will serve as roof peeks. You can do this by using your ruler to measure the perfect point and even tracing the triangular point with a pencil, so that it is straight and even before cutting with the box cutter.
  4. Cut the two walls from the second box and tape them together using the painter’s tape. This will serve as a roof and will fit perfectly over the two peaks, with an extra bit of overhang over the sides.
  5. Using a hot glue gun, attach the roof to the house.
  6. Next, use the box cutter or utility knife to cut out a door and windows. Use the metal ruler to keep your cutting lines straight and get as creative as you want with window and door locations and sizes. To make circular windows as something a little different, trace around a water glass.
  7. Now you are ready to decorate your cardboard cathouse, whichever way you see fit. It is a fun idea to replicate your cat’s personality in their new house so experiment and get creative.
  8. When painting your cathouse; remember that a roller will apply paint a lot more smoothly and effectively then a paintbrush. It is also easier, especially in regards to the fact that you will probably have to do a few coats. Use a paintbrush for the corners of doors and windows and any other special designs you want to add to your cathouse.
  9. Line the bottom of the cardboard cathouse with your cat’s favourite blanket or whatever warm thing that they like as your cat will tend to head to the cathouse when they are feeling cold. Be sure to leave some of their dry food close by the door for the first little while, so that your cat is attracted to their new house.

How To Make a Cardboard Cat House?

Once you have completed your cardboard cathouse and all paint and glue has dried, introduce your cat to their fantastic new home. They may be a little wary at first but soon you will be finding your cat in there probably more often then you would like. Remember to place the house in safe place where they will not be spooked or scared and free from any harsh or wet weather to maintain the longevity of the house.


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